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For the 2015- 2016 school year, EPYMN, after much prayer and discussion, began efforts towards a campus outreach strategy that “RESET Week.” The theme refers to technology like smartphones and computers. There are times when these devices get off track and aren’t performing the way they should. A RESET clears up the errors in the system and helps restore them to their ultimate purpose. In the same way, Jesus can RESET us. Jesus offers everyone, no matter who they are or what they have done, a supernatural RESET, and He provides us the strength and guidance to experience God’s best for our lives. This is a message we want every student in El Paso to hear!

From March 22-24 (Tuesday-Thursday of Holy Week, the week before Easter), EPYMN coordinated 3 consecutive days of outreach events during lunchtime at 3 high schools, and after school at 3 middle schools. The schools were:

Franklin High School Morehead Middle School

Bowie High School Canyon Hills Middle School

Montwood High School Ricardo Estrada Middle School

We partnered with 3 local Christian DJ/Hip Hop artists and 4 nationally recognized youth speakers to each present a RESET message at each of these schools during RESET Week. 3 “teams” consisting of an artist and a speaker, presented at 1 high school campus at lunchtime and 1 middle school campus after school each day, rotating to the next campuses the next 2 days so that each team presented once at each of the 6 campuses.

Through our connections with campus ministries such as Youth For Christ and Fellowship of Christian Athletes on these 6 campuses, students helped spread the word and invited their peers to be a part of these events which featured free food each day, live music, and an engaging and powerful RESET message. These same students and ministries also helped with follow up with students who responded to the Gospel.

RESET Week culminated with a city-wide youth event for students from all over El Paso on Thursday night, March 24, at the Bowie High School auditorium.

An estimated 2,200 students were reached with a RESET message during these days, and there were 17 known responses to the Gospel with each of those individuals receiving follow up from a local church connected to the school they attended!

Over $10,000 was raised by EPYMN through donations from partner churches and outside sponsors, and another $5,000 worth of food, lodging, and transportation costs were donated by various churches and sponsors in order to make RESET Week Happen.

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