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Past Events


In Spring 2014, El Paso experienced a great move of God through the Greater El Paso Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham! Many lives were impacted for eternity, and we experienced an unprecedented level of unity among area churches working together for the good of our city. As a result of this, and at the suggestion of the Festival of Hope leadership team, the El Paso Youth Ministry Network (EPYMN) was formed. The EPYMN is an interdenominational group of youth ministers representing different churches and ministry groups that seek to work together to reach youth in El Paso with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For the 2014-2015 school year, EPYMN, in it's beginning stages as a network, through faith took on it's first challenging task: planning a season of unity, prayer, and training leading up to large-scale outreach event for youth that took place in April 2015! For this event, EPYMN partnered with the PULSE movement, a ministry that exists to awaken youth to the reality of Jesus with the timeless truth of the Gospel.


  • Involvement Breakfast | January 10 | 9-10:30AM | Radisson Hotel: An opportunity for the local pastors, church and ministry leaders to come together for a time of prayer, worship and to hear about the vision of PULSE in El Paso, this spring.

  • UNITE | January 29 | 6:30-8PM | Beth El Bible Church: A time for the Body of Christ to come together for prayer and worship from all denominations. The prayer focus will be MOVEMENT, Keep 5 Alive and the PULSE Event.

  • MOVEMENT | March 5 | 6-9PM | First Baptist Church, El Paso: MOVEMENT is a time for the body of Christ to come together for an evening of prayer, worship and evangelism training. We will be asking God to move on the city of El Paso and in the lives of friends and family who need Christ along with giving practical tools to share our faith with others. Free dinner provided at 6PM.

  • UNITE On-Site | April 11 | 3-5PM | El Paso County Coliseum: Unite calls together the body of Christ for prayer and worship. This special UNITE prayer and worship experience will take place at the Coliseum and will focus on prayer specifically for the PULSE Event on April 24.

  • School Assemblies | April 20-24| Various School Locations: These school assemblies will have a musical performance along with a speaker talking on different topics requested by the schools. This will also be a time to promote the upcoming PULSE event.

  • PULSE Event | April 24 | 7PM | El Paso County Coliseum: The main event of all PULSE efforts, this event will be a multi-media production with headline bands and a clear presentation of the Gospel by Nick Hall- Founder and Chief Communicator for PULSE. Everyone will be given an opportunity to respond to the Gospel at this event.

  • Follow-Up Contacts | April 25: The Follow-Up team will make personal phone calls and visits to those who responded to the Gospel at the PULSE Event. Response cards will also be distributed among campus ministries and churches.

  • NEXT Sunday | May 3: A time to celebrate what God has done the Sunday following the PULSE Event. Testimonies, praise reports, prayer for those who responded to the Gospel, and a meal are encouraged.

EPYMN raised over $30,000 to put on the above events with PULSE. A majority of the budget went towards the PULSE Event which was attended by about 2,500 people. Almost 500 people responded to the Gospel and received follow-up from local churches. Many attended various NEXT events the following week.

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